8 Fun Plumbing Facts You Didn’t Know

Plumbing has been practiced for decades, and there may be little many people know about the wonders of plumbing. It’s not just all clogged toilets and leaky pipes! Plumbing has been around for centuries, and there are many interesting facts about plumbing that are often unknown. Here are 8 fun plumbing facts you may not have known about, so get ready to expand your knowledge regarding all things plumbing!

1.  Indoor Plumbing Has Been Around Since At Least 2500 B.C.

Traces of indoor plumbing were discovered in Egyptian palaces dating to at least 2500 B.C. If you’d like to get technical, it was recorded that the ‘first’ introduction to indoor plumbing for people was in 1829, when the Tremont Hotel in Boston became the first hotel in the United States to have indoor plumbing.

2.  Albert Einstein Joined The Crew

Reportedly, Albert Einstein said that if he’d have a redo of life, he would become a plumber. As a result, the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union in Washington D.C. made him an honorary member, and a New York Plumbers’ business gifted him a set of gold-plated plumbing tools.

3.  We All Spend A Few Years On The Toilet

Literally and figuratively! The average person is estimated to spend about a total of three years in their lifetime on the toilet.

4.  Mario And Luigi Are Plumbers

If you or someone in your family is an avid Super Mario Bros. fan, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know both brothers are actually plumbers. We don’t all wear the overalls, but we’ll gladly welcome these brothers into our crew anytime!

5.  There Is More Than One Type Of Plunger

Did you know the toilet plunger is not the only type of plunger? There is also a sink/shower plunger, which is flat compared to a toilet plunger’s narrow bottom.

6.  Where Does “Plumber” Come From?

The word plumber originates from the Latin word “plumbum” which means “lead”. Plumbers work with lead material often, so this seems very fitting.

7.  Earlier Plumbing Pipes Weren’t Always Made Of Copper or Metal

The earliest noted plumbing pipe was actually made of baked clay and straw! We wonder what leaks must have looked like then.

8.  How Much Water For That Cup O’ Joe?

It can actually take twice as much water to produce coffee than tea. That morning cup of coffee may have actually taken much more water than you’d think!


There are many more fascinating facts regarding plumbing, but these are a few to keep in your trivia folder. A not-so-unknown fact about your plumbing is that regular maintenance and repairs keeps your plumbing in top-notch working order! Get a plumber in Apple Valley, plumber in Los Angeles, Whittier plumber, Pasadena plumber, or Fontana plumber to pay your home a visit and provide unmatched plumbing expertise! All facts aside, making sure to address plumbing issues quickly with a licensed professional is the way to go. Don’t delay, keep your plumbing in excellent condition now!

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