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Getting a job is only half the battle: Maternal job loss and child classroom behavior in low-income families

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 11:16
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Hill, Heather D.
Morris, Pamela A.
Castells, Nina
Walker, Jessica T.
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Published Date: 
Spring 2011
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Spring 2011
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
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This study uses data from an experimental employment program and instrumental variables (IV) estimation to examine the effects of maternal job loss on child classroom behavior. Random assignment to the treatment at one of three program sites is an exogenous predictor of employment patterns. Cross-site variation in treatment-control differences is used to identify the effects of employment levels and transitions. Under certain assumptions, this method controls for unobserved correlates of job loss and child well-being, as well as measurement error and simultaneity. IV estimates suggest that maternal job loss sharply increases problem behavior but has neutral effects on positive social behavior. Current employment programs concentrate primarily on job entry, but these findings point to the importance of promoting job stability for workers and their children. (Author abstract)

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Research Notes: 
Unsure about methodology: article says it combines experimental data with the instrumental variables (IV) estimator. Also says the following: "We estimate the effect of job loss using only individuals for whom random assignment either led to one or more job losses that would not have happened otherwise (treatment group) or fore-stalled job losses that would have happened in the context of the treatment (control group)." (MCM 4/27/17). Consulted with Fadumo, agreed on Quant-nonexperimental (MCM 5/15/17).

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