Is breaking a mirror bad luck

Is Breaking a Mirror Bad Luck?

Is breaking a mirror bad luck

If you have ever broken a mirror, you may have wondered if it would bring bad luck. The truth is that the mirror is a very powerful symbol, evoking the virtues of wisdom, awareness, and illumination. But breaking a mirror can bring bad luck, as it can be the start of a series of unfortunate events.


According to superstition, breaking a mirror brings bad luck for seven years. However, there are several ways to get rid of this curse. One way is to bury the pieces of the broken mirror in the moonlight. Another method involves touching the mirror to a tombstone.

The superstition surrounding mirrors has historical origins in the first century of the Roman Empire, when mirrors were precious and rare. Mirrors reflected not only our physical bodies, but also our souls. It was believed that breaking a mirror would damage the soul, which would lead to misfortune for the next seven years.


Traditionally, breaking a mirror was considered bad luck. Some believed it would anger the gods and torment the person whose image was reflected in the broken mirror. However, there are some foolproof mirror hacks that will keep you from attracting misfortune. One such trick is to throw a salt-filled glass over your left shoulder. Traditionally, this attracts the Devil.

Another trick involves grinding the broken mirror into dust. By doing this, the devil will be unable to read it. Alternatively, burying the broken mirror in the ground during a full moon will prevent bad luck from lingering on the broken mirror.


If you’ve ever broken a mirror, you’ve likely felt a little bit of bad luck. However, breaking a mirror does not have to be a curse. There are a few remedies you can try, including throwing the pieces into running water or smashing them into tiny pieces and burying them in the moonlight. Another way to counter the effects of bad luck is to leave the broken mirror on the ground for seven hours. This will dampen any bad luck that might come your way. Mirrors Riverside

Historically, breaking a mirror was considered bad luck. Before the advent of antiseptics, mirrors were extremely expensive and rare. So, breaking one meant going without a mirror for a while, or waiting for a replacement. In addition, breaking a mirror also meant stepping on broken glass, so the bad luck came with a huge price tag. If you’re concerned about the negative effects of breaking a mirror, you can mark it with a piece of salt. This will allow you to see the broken shards easily.


There are many causes of breaking a mirror, but the most common is the impact of something hard. Impact, like hitting a mirror with a baseball, can cause it to break into jagged shards. Mirrors can also crack because of a warped frame or too much sunlight.

A cracked mirror can be a hazard, and it should be disposed of immediately. In addition to being a tripping hazard, it can also trigger negative energy in your home, which will affect your family. For instance, if you break a mirror in a crowded room, it’s likely to cause trouble for the people living in that room.


There is an old superstition about breaking a mirror: it brings bad luck for seven years. However, if you know the right remedy, you can reverse the bad luck. You can bury the broken pieces in the moonlight, or throw them into running water. Another remedy is to touch a tombstone with the broken mirror.

The ancient Romans believed that a mirror reflects one’s soul. Therefore, breaking a mirror can ruin one’s soul. The Romans, therefore, recommended burying broken mirror pieces in the moonlight.

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