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National Employment Law Project

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New York

A healthy balance: Expanding health care job opportunities for Californians with a criminal record while ensuring patient safety and security

Individual Author: 
Neighly, Madeline
Emsellem, Maurice
Christman, Anastasia

The rapidly growing health care industry presents a major economic opportunity for the nation and for states such as California. Health care and related occupations are expected to account for half of California’s top 20 fastest-growing fields between 2010 and 2020.

The low-wage recovery and growing inequality

Individual Author: 
National Employment Law Project

NELP is conducting on-going research to track the current recovery on multiple dimensions, including unemployment, wages, and occupational and industry growth patterns. This report updates NELP’s previous analyses of job loss and job growth trends during and after the Great Recession. We find that during the recession (2008 Q1 to 2010 Q1), employment losses occurred throughout the economy, but were concentrated in mid-wage occupations.