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National Human Services Assembly

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Breaking the cycle of poverty in young families: Two-generation policy recommendations

Individual Author: 
Wiley-Robinson, Tonya
Davis, Reginald
Bigelow, Justin

The recent economic downturn has tremendously impacted communities and families in the United States, especially young families. There is a growing chorus of voices calling for new models and solutions that meet the needs of both young parents and their children collectively. Two-generation programming provides an important poverty reduction roadmap for young families, making service providers, policy makers, and government officials critical stakeholders in moving this strategy forward.

Breaking the cycle of poverty in young families: Two generation strategies for working with disconnected young parents and their children

Individual Author: 
Katz, Irv
Key, Karen
James, Tara
French, Molly
Heit, Alexander

Until communities offer multiple pathways to connect with ladders of opportunity, many young families headed by OSOW youth will be unable to achieve financial independence. To break the cycle of poverty, many human service organizations use two-generation approaches with “young families” (that is, families with children in which the parent is an OSOW young person ages 15–24 years).