What Happens When Your Car Is Overheating

n overheating car can be a cause of concern for many vehicle owners. What exactly does an overheating car look like, and can you still drive it? An overheating vehicle can turn into a serious event, and should not be taken lightly. Here is what happens when your car overheats!

Signs of an Overheating Car

The warning signs for an overheating vehicle are pretty clear, and not meant to be ignored. When a car overheats you’ll notice these signs:


  • A hot hood
  • Flashing temperature light or temperature gauge at maximum setting
  • Ticking noise coming from your engine
  • A hot smell that comes from the burning oil in your engine
  • Steam coming from your car’s hood
  • Reduced engine power

Reasons a Car Overheats

An overheating vehicle can be a scary thing, but what exactly causes a car to overheat? Some of the typical reasons that your car may get overheated include:


A Leak In Your Vehicle’s Cooling System

One of the main reasons why a car may overheat is because there’s a leak in your cooling system. Components of the cooling system include your vehicle’s radiator, hoses, head gasket, water pump, and thermostat housing, so one of these parts may be suffering from a leak when your car overheats.


Blockage In Coolant Hose

A car may also end up overheating if there’s a blockage in the coolant hose. Any dirt and debris can make its way into the cooling system and cause a blockage to occur, which then results in your car overheating.


A Radiator Issue

An issue with your car’s radiator may be causing it to overheat. Issues that typically occur when it comes to the radiator include a blockage, problems with a radiator fan, or a leak.


What Do I Do When My Car Overheats?

When you notice your car overheating, it’s important not to panic. Find a safe place to pull over, turn off the car, and wait 15 minutes for your engine to cool off, checking the temperature gauge while doing so. If you check your coolant levels and see that maybe more coolant is needed, add it. Consider whether your vehicle is ok to drive to your preferred auto repair shop, or if it is a better option to have it towed. If your car is overheating a lot, driving can actually worsen its condition! Towing may be the option in this case.

Need A Highland Auto Repair Shop?

An overheating vehicle is not meant to be ignored, especially when on the road! If a car is constantly overheating, it can be hazardous to ignore the signals and keep driving.  For a Highland auto repair shop you can trust to examine your vehicle when it comes to overheating issues, call the crew at Import Automotive! Our team will pay close attention to your vehicle, making sure to check off every possible reason why it could be overheating. Solve this overheating issue, so you can get back on the road!

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