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University of California, Irvine

University of California, Irvine

The SSRC collaborated with the University of California, Irvine on two webinars: (1) Paternal incarceration and child wellbeing and (2) Understanding the minimum wage: Implications for workers, employers, and communities.

Paternal incarceration and child wellbeing featured Dr. Kristin Turney from the University of California, Irvine with Dr. Joyce Arditti as a discussant. During the Webinar, Dr. Turney discussed collateral consequences of paternal incarceration, including findings from two ongoing research projects that examine the relationship between paternal incarceration and harm to child wellbeing. Dr. Turney also explained why paternal incarceration is an important dimension to consider when exploring inequality among children.

Understanding the Minimum Wage: Implications for Workers, Employers, and Communities focused on how changes in the minimum wage affect individuals, families, employers and the economy. Today, the U.S. economy continues to grow and the unemployment rate remains low. Wage growth, however, remains slow for much of the labor force. The federal minimum wage has remained at $7.25 an hour since 2009. The combination of job growth and wage stagnation has led many localities to increase their minimum wage. Economists and research experts presented on what we know about minimum wage increases and their effects on workers, low-income families, employers, and state/local economies. Dr. David Neumark spoke on this webinar from the University of California, Irvine.

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