Why Is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?

arbage disposals can end up leaking, just like any other fixture in your home. You may be worried when you notice the developing leaks, but there can be a few reasons why your garbage disposal is going through this issue. This doesn’t mean you have to instantly replace your garbage disposal either. A few repairs may be the perfect solution. What is very important is to address the leaks as soon as possible, to prevent any other costly damages from springing up when you least expect them.

Experiencing garbage disposal leaks, and unsure of what the problem is? Here are some reasons why your garbage disposal may be leaking:


Loose Sink Flange

A sink flange is what connects the garbage disposal to the sink drain to allow all the waste to be transported efficiently. When the connection between the sink flange and the sink drain is not tight enough, leaks may develop fast. It may also be that the connection has deteriorated over time. Some solutions include making sure the mounting bolts that connect the flange to the drain are tightened, or using plumber’s putty to seal the disposal into place.

Dishwasher Hose

There is a drain line that connects your garbage disposal to the dishwasher. If there are leaks coming from the side of your garbage disposal, this may be because the drain pipe connecting the dishwasher and your garbage disposal has loosened. A solution for this problem includes tightening the clamp that connects your dishwasher and garbage disposal, as well as checking to see if there are any pipes or cracks in the dishwasher hose in case it needs to be replaced.

Garbage Disposal Has Been Shifted

If you’ve noticed there are leaks coming from the bottom of your garbage disposal, it is crucial to check the position of your garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal may have shifted out of place if knocked or bumped out of the way, which can cause leaks to spring up. Make sure the garbage disposal is sitting upright and is aligned perfectly. You may also need to reseal with plumber’s putty.

Cracks in the Garbage Disposal

In the case of leaks coming from the bottom of your garbage disposal, but your garbage disposal has not shifted, check for cracks in the body of your garbage disposal. If the disposal is cracked, there is really no other option left but to replace the whole system. Garbage disposal cracks render the entire unit pretty much useless, and there is no solution for repairs.

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