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Assisting TANF recipients living with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment: Creating TANF and Vocational Rehabilitation agency partnerships

Individual Author: 
Martin, Emily S.
Pavetti, LaDonna
Kauff, Jacqueline
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Place Published: 
Washington, DC
Published Date: 
February 2008
Published Date (Text): 
February 2008
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Some TANF recipients may have disabilities that would qualify them for the specialized employment preparation services Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies provide. TANF recipients may seek out VR services on their own, or be referred to VR by a TANF case manager on his or her own accord, however, because VR is an unfamiliar service system, few may be inclined to do so. Creating a formal partnership between the agencies can ensure that all TANF recipients who can benefit from VR services have access to them. Though linking the services of these two agencies through formal cooperative agreements is not a widespread strategy, some states have had such partnerships in place for many years and other states are developing them. This practice brief explores the benefits and challenges of linking TANF and VR services, describes partnerships that have been formed in Vermont and Iowa, then discusses key features that appear to be critical to developing a successful partnership. (author abstract)

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