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Measures of classroom quality in prekindergarten and children's development of academic, language, and social skills

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - 13:34
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Mashburn, Andrew J.
Pianta, Robert C.
Hamre, Bridget K.
Downer, Jason T.
Barbarin, Oscar A.
Bryant, Donna
Burchinal, Margaret
Early, Diane M.
Howes, Carollee
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May/June 2008
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May/June 2008
Child Development
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This study examined development of academic, language, and social skills among 4-year-olds in publicly supported prekindergarten (pre-K) programs in relation to 3 methods of measuring pre-K quality, which are as follows: (a) adherence to 9 standards of quality related to program infrastructure and design, (b) observations of the overall quality of classroom environments, and (c) observations of teachers’ emotional and instructional interactions with children in classrooms. Participants were 2,439 children enrolled in 671 pre-K classrooms in 11 states. Adjusting for prior skill levels, child and family characteristics, program characteristics, and state, teachers’ instructional interactions predicted academic and language skills and teachers’ emotional interactions predicted teacher-reported social skills. Findings suggest that policies, program development, and professional development efforts that improve teacher – child interactions can facilitate children’s school readiness. (Author abstract)

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