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Health status of children enrolled in a family navigator program to eliminate intergenerational poverty

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Monday, May 20, 2019 - 09:10
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Schilling, Samantha
Jamison, Shaundreal
Wood, Charles
Perrin, Eliana
Jansen Austin, Coby
Sheridan, Juliet
Young, Allison
Burchinal, Margaret
Flower, Kori B.
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June 2019
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June 2019
Clinical Pediatrics
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In 2014, Family Success Alliance (FSA) was formed as a place-based initiative to build a pipeline of programs to reduce the impact of poverty on outcomes for children living in Orange County, North Carolina. In this study, FSA parents’ perception of child health, parent and child adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and resilience were obtained by parent interview. Receipt of recommended health services were abstracted from primary care medical records of FSA children. Correlation coefficients investigated relationships among health, ACEs, and resilience. Among 87 parent-child dyads, 65% were Spanish speaking. At least 1 of the 7 ACEs measured was reported in 37% of children and 70% of parents. Parent perceptions of child health were lower than national averages. Routine preventive services included the following: autism screening at 18 months (15%) and 24 months (31%); ≥4 fluoride varnish applications (10%); lead screening (66%); and receipt of immunizations (94%). Parent perception of child health was moderately correlated with resilience. (Author abstract)

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