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Welfare reform in Los Angeles: Implementation, effects, and experiences of poor families and neighborhoods

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Friday, September 28, 2012 - 11:34
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Polit, Denise F.
Nelson, Laura
Richburg-Hayes, Lashawn
Seith, David
Rich, Sarah
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Published Date: 
August 2005
Published Date (Text): 
August 2005

The 1996 national welfare reform law imposed a five-year time limit on federally funded cash assistance, established stricter work requirements, and provided greater flexibility for states in designing and managing programs. This report — the last in a series from MDRC’s Project on Devolution and Urban Change — describes how welfare reform unfolded in Los Angeles County (particularly between 1998 and 2001) and compares welfare reform experiences and outcomes there with those in the other three Urban Change sites: Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), Miami- Dade County, and Philadelphia.

After presenting a digest of the study’s findings, this summary report offers background on the Urban Change study in Los Angeles, depicts the county’s demographic and economic environment, describes the implementation of welfare reform, explains the effects of reform on welfare receipt and employment and on the lives of welfare recipients, describes what happened in Los Angeles neighborhoods during welfare reform, and concludes with policy implications drawn from conclusions from all four Urban Change sites. (author abstract)

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Research Notes: 
The authors mention longitudinal surveys as one of their methodologies. I didn't tag it because I didn't see that they did any longitudinal regression/statistical analysis, but since they specifically mentioned the word longitudinal it might be worth tagging. I wasn't sure. - AAG 9.28.12

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