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Immigrant integration in low-income urban neighborhoods: Improving economic prospects and strengthening connections for vulnerable families

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 14:27
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Rawlings, Lynette A.
Capps, Randolph
Gentsch, Kerstin
Fortuny, Karina
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Place Published: 
Washington, DC
Published Date: 
November 2007
Published Date (Text): 
November 2007

How are immigrants integrating in U.S. inner cities? To answer this question, this report draws on a unique survey of residents in 10 vulnerable urban neighborhoods to examine the financial well-being and economic integration of families of different racial, ethnic, and nativity status. The paper explores the extent to which the economic well-being of immigrant groups is influenced by specific factors related to their immigrant status, compared with members of native-born minority groups and native-born whites. Among the main findings from the analysis is that families with children across all groups are especially vulnerable. In addition, we find that immigrants and native minorities in the neighborhoods we examine face similar types of economic difficulties—although to varying degrees. However, after controlling for citizenship, English proficiency, education and having a driver's license and a reliable car, many of the economic disadvantages disappear for immigrant groups, but not for native-born minorities. These findings suggest that even in these tough neighborhoods, the potential for economic integration of immigrants is strong. (author abstract)

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